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2013 Year of Cash
2013 Year of Cash
2013 Year of Cash »

2013 -The Year Of Cash

As confusion reigns in the payment sector, cash has further cemented its supremacy as the UK public’s favourite payment method.

With "Contactless" having failed to capture the interest or confidence of consumers and the UK Payments Council’s mobile payment initiative delayed until 2014, retailers are refusing to support unproven "innovation". They are tired of footing the bill for costly flops.

Meantime, cash, always the "King”, has its crown even more firmly in place. The UK public appreciate the independence and security provided by cash, along with ease of budgeting.

Cash based shopping removes the threat of unpleasant - and unaffordable - month-end credit card bills.

So here's to a great 2013 for our beloved cash. As plastic melts away, our lovely notes, with our Queen's head proudly embossed on them, stubbornly refuse to fade from public popularity.

Sunday, 13th January 2013

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