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2014 Year of Banking
2014 Year of Banking
2014 Year of Banking »

Tell Us Your Good News About Banks- And Get £500!

To celebrate our "Year of Banking", we have decided to get YOU to help us put all the bad news behind us!

More and more people are getting fed up hearing the endless criticism of the UKs Banks.Hundreds of thousands of decent people work for those banks and are striving hard to deliver good customer service to tens of millions of customers.

We are becoming a country of moaners and compensation seekers.Our culture is beginning to be focused on blame. IT HAS GOT TO STOP.

So we would like you to drop us a line through our "Contact" button, telling us about something really good your bank- any bank -has done for you recently.

It could be about a personal loan;or a mortgage for a new home;or help with a card issue ;or simply a pleasant & understanding person at your local branch.Whatever: PLEASE TELL US.

You have until the end of March 2014 to send us your good news- and the authors of the four "bulletins" our editor judges to be the most inspiring will each receive £500 as a thank you for sharing their good news with us!

Please don't delay- we need as much good news as possible,as soon as possible!

Sunday, 9th February 2014

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