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2015 Year of Decision and Change
2015 Year of Decision and Change
2015 Year of Decision and Change »

Time To Change - And, Together, We Can Lead The Way.

2014 was our "Year of Banking". We and those that support us took the enlightened view that the "Authorities",  both in the UK and Europe, needed to move on from blaming the banks for everything, whilst imposing penalties and fines that fueled the compensation culture that distracts so many from engaging in progressive economic activity.

Sadly, despite our best efforts, there is still far too much negativity surrounding banks and banking. WE MUST MOVE ON.

A big part of the problem is publicity-hungry regulators, more concerned with appearances (including of the personal variety) than supporting healthy economic activity and growth.

Our Movement - for that is what we are - will be pushing for positivity and change in 2015. Decision-making must focus on stimulus and economic development, not over-control and reduction.

We will be keeping a watchful eye on ALL regulators and pulling them up when they stray from the path of encouraging stimulus and development. We will push them to decide always in favour of choice and innovation, rather than defending the positions of entrenched vested interests.

We have chosen a difficult path to follow. We will win no popularity contests amongst those seeking quiet lives in the corridors of power. Those corridors will echo with the loud noises of challenges. The Silent Majority can be silent no longer.

Please make it your decision to join us in our quest for stimulus and economic development. With your help, we can see constructive changes in the UK and throughout Europe. In doing so, we will see improved choice, freedom and independence for all who are prepared to  seize opportunity.

It is your decision - will you help make 2015 a year of change?



Friday, 12th December 2014

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