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2017 : enter, Universal Cash Deposits and Coin & Note Recycling!

Date Line December 2016: the LINK UK ATM Network now has a Universal Cash Deposit transaction available for use by members. So what is needed in 2017 is for all UK Card Issuers to sign up to permit the transaction and, hey presto, ATMs can start to be installed in every community, where any bank customer can deposit cash at any ATM, without having to search for either a branch or ATM operated by their own bank.

Such cash deposit ATMs would also logically incorporate recycling facilities, allowing the cash deposited to made available for withdrawal by both individuals and local businesses.

And when we refer to "cash" deposits and recycling, we do not just mean of banknotes. There are now machines which allow the public deposit and recycling of coins. With coins being crucial to the smooth circulation of cash - how else can change be given when notes are used for retail purchases - such recycling machines will be needed everywhere. It may be 2018 before coin recycling machines arrive in your community- but arrive they will!

We have coined ( forgive the pun) a phrase to describe the new, marvellous, environments where locally located "Smart" ATMs replace now absent bank branches: "Community Financial Services Hubs".

Watch out for one near you – THEY WILL BE  COMING SOON!

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