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Hot Picks
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Weekly round-up of the top ca$h stories

  1. Have we found Australia's most honest man? A 68-year-old factory worker from down under hands in over £30,000 worth of Ozzie dollars he found on a train! »
  2. The Daily Telegraph announces New South Wales in Australia as the 'Good Samaritan State'…those lovely Australians just can't stop handing cash in! »
  3. British teenagers need to stop whinging and find a Saturday job if they want extra pocket money. »
  4. As Egypt's banks close down, all those hanging onto their cash can feel very smug indeed. »
  5. Cyber thieves hack into online shoppers' accounts at handmade cosmetics company 'Lush'…sometimes it's better to purchase in person than online! »

Wednesday, 2nd February 2011

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