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A secret cash stash in your suitcase
A secret cash stash in your suitcase
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Make your suitcase stand out from the crowd with some cash comedy

We've all experienced that moment at the airport; you think your bag has finally appeared on the slowly whirring carousel, you dash toward it, filled with glee and drag it to your nearby trolley before realising with a sinking heart that you've hastily grabbed the wrong bag. 

Red-faced, you head back to the carousel to return the aforementioned luggage before waiting (much more cautiously) for your suitcase to appear. 

Well, despair no more, for we at Cash-is-Cool have a quirky and comical answer to your suitcase stresses: some cash stash stickers. 

Designed to stick to any surface, these amazing accessories are a great way to make you and your bag stand out from the crowd.

Available from for just £20 for 3 stickers. 

Thursday, 19th April 2012

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