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'There was money flying everywhere': Motorists scramble for cash after $100,000 falls out of bank courier van on highway - Mail Online

Full story available at the Mail Online.

By Simon Tomlinson

Dozens of motorists stopped on a busy highway to grab as much cash as possible after more than $100,000 fell off the back of a bank courier van.

The Fidelity Courier Services vehicle was travelling on the Route 19 in Pennsylvania when it was stopped by a passing driver who had seen the back door flapping open and bags of cash dropping onto the carriageway.

Police say much of the money was blown around by the wind and that an amount 'well into six figures' was now missing.

Officers are investigating why the van door had opened and stressed that the money wasn't free.

Anyone who took cash has a two-week grace period to return it without fear of prosecution for theft. The courier company is also offering a reward for its return.

The van was flagged down at Upper St Clair, just south-west of Pittsburgh, at around 1pm yesterday.

Michael Evans, 39, of Bethel Park, was driving north when he saw bags and what he thought were pieces of paper on the pavement.

'I didn't really understand what it was until I got closer and saw it was cash,' he told TribLive News.

'When the wind picked up, there was money flying everywhere. There were people stopping their cars in the middle of the street, grabbing money.'

'It was kinda unbelievable how much I saw on the road when I passed and how little there was left when I got back,' added Evans, who found $60 and handed it in to police.

Officers recovered several hundred dollars. Lieutenant James Englert said: 'Technically, this is a theft. It is not Christmas come early.'

A driver and an armed guard were in the van, which was transferring the cash to a different bank, Lt Englert said.

Police questioned them and motorists who did not drive off before officers arrived.

David Cuda, president of Fidelity, a private security services company based in Sharon, did not wish to comment.


Thursday, 1st December 2011

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